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Roof Repair

When your roof is damaged it can’t provide your house with the protection it needs. The roof is your home or building’s first line of defense against many elements. Your roof keeps out rain, pests, wind and other undesirables, and it helps your space maintain a constant temperature inside.

Fixing the Roof

When To Get Your Roof Repaired

  • Water stains on ceilings or walls inside

  • A visible leak that’s actively dripping

  • Moisture in the attic or space beneath the roof

  • Mold growth

  • Curled, cracked or broken shingles, tiles or stones

  • Shingles that have a “bald” appearance because they’re missing granules

  • Damage or deterioration around fascia or soffits

  • Decay, cracked or missing wood around fascia or soffits

  • Shingle granules in your gutter or in the runoff from your downspout

  • Damaged gutters

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