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If you are looking for commercial or residential gutter installation, look no further! You have found the right company. Our honesty and years of experience is our best warranty.


Seamless Gutter Terms

  • Gauge - The thickness or the gauge of the gutter is very important. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most consistent available. The gauges range from .027-in, to .032in, the most used thickness is .027 in. for 6” gutters and .032 for 7” gutters.

  • Run Length - A straight section of gutter mounted against the fascia board. It is measured in linear feet.

  • Fascia Board - The flat horizontal surface right below the edge of a roof

  • Linear feet (often called Lineal feet) - A linear foot is the same as regular feet. It is a one-foot length of any long, narrow object. No conversion is necessary. If something is 6 linear feet tall, it is 6 feet tall. That just means when measuring linear feet, contractors are not taking the width into account. If you bought 100 linear feet of gutter, laying them down end to end would stretch for 100 feet, it wouldn’t matter how wide the gutters were.

  • Run Height - The height (in stories) at which each gutter run will be located (1st story, 2nd story etc.). This is used to determine the length of downspout needed.

  • Downspout - A pipe that carries rainwater from a roof gutter down to a drain or to the ground.

  • Fascia Angle - If there is any fascia board that is angled to follow the roof rafters, there is usually an extra charge.

  • Fascia Replacement - New gutters need a solid fascia surface upon which to be mounted. The rotted boards need to be replaced. Fascia boards narrower than 3” in width must be built out to provide proper support for hanging your new gutters.

  • Colors - Choose colors that will blend with your house. The gutters and downspouts are available in a number of different colors. The price varies depending on the color you choose.

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