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5 Telltale Signs It's Time for a Roof Replacement

If you're not a roofing professional, you might be at a loss as to when is a good time to start looking for a roofer.

Or maybe after you Googled 'roofer near me' and discovered the price tag associated with a typical roof installation. Your reaction was like most — shut off your device and mentally dismiss the idea for another time.

However, there are signs to look for that signal a homeowner when it is time to look into finding a roofer. And it's important to notice these signs before it is too late and costly damage occurs.

So, what do you need to know? Here are 5 telltale signs it's time for a roof replacement.

1. Check the Age of Your Roof

Typical homeowners know about when their roof was last replaced. If you're starting to head toward the 15 to 20 year anniversary of your last roof installation, it may be time to start shopping for a 'roof replacement near me'. Why?

Living in South Florida means a lot of wear and tear on roofs. Between hurricane season, high wind storms, and the constant humidity and heat, roofs are installed to handle a lot. But the older they get, the more the roof shingles can wear out.

2. Small Visible Signs You May Need New Shingle or Tile Roofing

If you stand outside and do a visual scan of your roof, what do you see? Are there some shingles that are starting to crack or curl on the edges? Are you missing some shingles?

Does your tile roof have some cracked tiles? Is there some moss or 'funny green stuff' starting to grow and collect?

Another big indicator is if there is an obvious sag on your roofline. This can indicate that there is rot and is especially dangerous to allow to go unreconciled.

Even small indicators like these can point to the fact that your roof is starting to wear out. That Google search for a 'roof replacement near me' is perhaps closer than you imagined.

3. Inside Indicators You Need a Roof Replacement

While a roof leak may seem to be an obvious sign to some, for others it means it's time to break out the caulking or sealer. But doing a quick patch job won't fix the source of the issue.

Inspecting your attic is one of the primary ways to find a roof leak if there is one. If there are streaks, some light filtering through, or unusual dampness, it might be a red flag that a roof replacement needs to be done soon.

4. Your Gutters Have a Lot to Say

When you are up on a ladder cleaning out your gutter and downspout, what do you see? Is there more there than the typical foliage from your trees? If you start to notice there is a condensed gathering of shingle granules in one particular spot of your gutter, it could be telling you that you need an asphalt roof shingle installation.

Gutter companies work closely with roofers (or sometimes they ARE the roofer), and can also be helpful in determining if you need a new roof. More times than not, when a homeowner calls a gutter professional to fix what appears to be a gutter leak, it is usually due more to the roof. A gutter repair professional can let you know if that is the case or not.

5. Check the Flashing

While you're up on that ladder inspecting your gutters, another roof component you can inspect is the flashing. Usually flashing is installed around skylights or vents to prevent water from getting in, and if it looks like it is starting to crack, it could indicate that a roof replacement is nigh.

Stay Ahead of the Game

While none of the tips mentioned above always point to an inevitable need to call a roofer, keep them in mind. Do an inspection from time to time, and if you think you need a roof replacement, a metal roof installation, or a roof repair, call a professional to take a look.

Have more questions about how to take care of your roof or if you need a hard roof replacement? Contact us today!

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09. 10. 2021

Thanks for your advice, it must be kept in mind by all the homeowners so that they won't end up doing costly roof repairs.

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